APPLE’S new iPhone X series has been announced, promising customers a bigger, faster, stronger and even cheaper smartphone and wearables collection.

The tech giant launched the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and the cheaper version XR at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California overnight and most of the launch was filled with tech talk and jargon.

Apple worldwide marketing senior vice president Phil Schiller spoke about OLED displays, A12 bionic chips, super retina HD displays and fall detection with accelerometers and gyroscopes.

Still with me? Didn’t think so.

So, if you just want to know what the new iPhone series can do for you, let’s take a look.


Apple has designed its new range of phones to be larger than their predecessors. The iPhone Xs has a 5.8-inch screen and the iPhone Xs Max boasts a whopping 6.5-inch screen. The XR has a 6.1-inch screen.


Sick of forking out for a replacement iPhone screen after a big night out? Well, these phones are made from seriously strong material. The phones are now covered back-to-front with “a new formulation of glass which is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”.

They’re also dust, splash and water-resistant and the casing protects against “everyday spills including coffee, tea and soft drink”. The developers at Apple’s California headquarters said

the models were tested in chlorinated water, saltwater, orange juice, tea, wine and even beer.

And they passed!

The Xs and Xs Max can survive in 2m of water for up to 30 minutes.


Like most Apple products, the new series will burn a hole in your pocket, so start saving if you want one.

The Xs will set you back anywhere from $1629-$1799 depending on the GB. The larger Xs Max costs between $2000 and $2369.

With this in mind, Apple created a slightly cheaper model in the collection, the iPhone XR, which will set you back around $1229.


The phones come in some pretty cool colours. The Xs and Xs Mac are available in silver, space grey and gold, while the XR come in black, white, blue, red, yellow and coral.



Apple’s new range boasts all day battery life.

The glass back of these smartphones is made from a material which allows for wireless charging.

Philip Schiller says the phones will offer the “biggest battery ever in an iPhone, delivering up to an hour-and-a-half more battery life in your day”.


This is a particularly cool feature of the new operating system. Users are sent regular activity reports, recording the amount of time spent online, on apps and even the number of times the device is picked up. If you’re concerned by the time you’re dedicating to your phone, simply set up time limits which will send you a notification when your time is up. This is a great tool for parents to monitor their kids’ phone use.


Mr Schiller said the iPhone XR will feature facial ID authentication in order to unlock your phone.

Like a scene out of Mission: Impossible, the phone contains a two-dimensional facial scanner that will check you out before unlocking your phone, so you can feel like a spy every damn day.


The iPhone Xs and Xs Max have been fitted with two optical lenses and a camera sensor that’s twice as fast as its predecessor. The 12-megapixel camera will pick up incredible detail and depth in your photographs and you can adjust your depth of field after you take photographs. This will allow you to blur parts of your background and highlight portraits in the foreground.

Your Instagram followers will thank you for it.

The XR features just one camera but it is still a 12-megapixel, wide-angle lens with many of the same specs as its more expensive counterparts.

The good people at Apple have categorically promised that your selfies will “never look better” than when taken on the Series 4 cameras.


The new iOS 12 allows users to Facetime with up to 32 different people at the same time. For real. Who has that many friends?


It sounds complicated, but the hype surrounding the company’s “revolutionary” bionic chip simply helps the phone to process things more efficiently. What all of this means is that the magic inside this tiny chip allows you to run more apps simultaneously without your phone seizing up or crashing.


Apple’s highly anticipated watch series 4 has emerged as the unlikely hero of the launch this week. Electrodes inside the Apple Watch can allow the user to take an ECG, an electrocardiography, which will take a record of the electrical activity of your heart.

It can also contact emergency services if it senses you have had a fall, making it the perfect companion for the sick or elderly. The incredibly handy feature is currently available in the US series of the Apple watch and we are crossing our fingers that it comes to Australia too.

The Nike+ edition of the Apple Watch Series 4 features a sports band, woven with reflective thread to help motorists and fellow runners steer clear of you when you’re on the move.


Launched in June, the phone app that scans your face and turns you into an animation, from a caricature of yourself to a monkey, a pig or a dog. Apple’s website says that the phone’s camera tracks “more than 50 facial muscles to make Memoji that move and react like you”. Memoji will be available on the new iPhone iOS 12 system.



Written By Rhian Deutrom - News.com.au

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